FTC – Fall and Winter 2013 Catalog and Photo Shoot

FTC - Fall and Winter 2013

FTC - Fall and Winter 2013

FTC - Fall and Winter 2013

FTC - Fall and Winter 2013


project details



Graham James
art director, designer

Kyle Camarillo
skate photographer

Ando Caulfield
brand marketing manager

Photo Shoot Art Direction +
Catalog Design

As the Art Director for FTC, I was brought on to create the visual story for the next FTC seasonal apparel collection catalog and photo shoot. I worked alongside with the photographer Kyle Camarillo, and the brand marketing manager, Ando Caulfield, to develop a story around the Northern Californian coast, DIY skate spots, and the laid-back nature of San Francisco skaters.

  • 50% – Art direction, design
    25% – Photo art direction
    15% – Location scouting
    10% – Talent casting
  • 1) Creating a visually engaging catalog (on a tight budget)
    2) Capturing the real lifestyle of skaters, with a focus on the product/apparel
    3) Working with weather restrictions

  • •  Photos for catalog
    •  Photos for ads
    •  Video of the process for social media
    •  Video footage of skateboarding for media

Client Background: FTC is a world renowned skate shop that opened its doors in 1986 in San Francisco. Since then the brand has expanded to Tokyo and Barcelona – serving as a home to many of today’s skate pros and enthusiasts near and far.