Nike + FTC Shoe Collaboration

Nike Skateboarding + FTC - Shoe

Nike Skateboarding + FTC - Shoe


project details

FTC + Nike Skateboarding

Graham James
art director, designer

Ando Caulfield
brand marketing manager, photographer, videographer

Shoe Graphic Design + Branding

As the Art Director for FTC, I was brought on to come up with a story and sellable shoe that connected FTC Skateboarding and Nike. The project was to design a shoe, create ads, environmental displays, and social media banners for a collaboration shoe release event.

  • 40% – Concept Development
    25% – Layout and Graphics
    25% – Shoe Production
    10% – Event Planning
  • 1) Creating a sellable shoe
    2) Integrating a great story
    3) Tight timeline
  • • Concept Design and Layout of Shoe
    • Brand ads for marketing
    • Creating awareness and hype of shoe release

Client Background: Nike Skateboarding is a division of the Nike Brand. // FTC is a world renowned skate shop that opened its doors in 1986 in San Francisco. Since then the brand has expanded to Tokyo and Barcelona – serving as a home to many of today’s skate pros and enthusiasts near and far.