About Us

Stephanie and Graham are two passionate freelance designers who have informally collaborated on design projects for the last 7 years. In late 2013, they embarked on a journey to establish a design duo “Make. Do Good.” – helping clients who are passionate about making a difference in the world.


meet the duo
Stephanie Wong

art director / designer / partner

Stephanie Kanoeola Wong

Aloha, I’m Steph (aka @onehealthyhapa). I play a major role in the strategic components of our design projects and can usually be found connecting the dots from touchpoint to touchpoint. My job is to guide our clients through a cohesive, straight-forward, organized experience from start to finish.

Don’t be surprised
I might bring healthy snacks to our next meeting.

No need to be fancy
we can save big words for and create clarity without the fluff.

brand + identity
creative strategy
web + digital


Graham Jeong

art director / designer / partner

Graham Jeong

Hey! I’m Graham (aka @grahamjames). I take lead on design exploration, concept development, and assist in executing the vision. You can find me with my sketchbook in-hand, co-strategizing with Steph on large sheets of butcher paper, or meeting with clients to review creative milestones.

Looks may be deceiving
my tattoos are simply works of art.

No need to have all the answers
that’s why you hired us.

brand + identity
hand lettering
photo art direction