Meet Steph and Graham.

We’re a design duo based in San Francisco, CA and “make–do–good” is our mantra. Together we craft quality design experiences for pretty awesome companies and organizations committed to making a positive dent in this world. Come see what we do.

We believe great design happens when storytelling and strategy collide.


Q: I get strategy, but why stories?
A: When we tell stories, we create an opportunity…

to connect / to learn / to educate / to inspire / to resonate / to cause action

Everyday we interact with brands and businesses who tell amazing stories (visually and verbally). These stories keep us engaged (buy, share, like, spread) and the most authentic, relatable stories often cause us to tell more people about the story we just heard. When that happens, things just went “click.”

If it doesn’t ring a bell,
it doesn’t work.


Depending on your needs, budget, and audience we get real clear about what your story is and how to tell it. It can look like this:

// brand + identity
// corporate, product and marketing collateral
// supporting illustrations and graphics
// photography art direction
// video art direction (intro to your brand, viral clips, testimonials)
// website design (or high-conversion landing pages)
// digital or print books
// apps
// environmental signage
// custom, disruptive experiences

Together, we “make-do-good.”


We, as a design duo, are all about collaborating with people and teams who are driven to cause action and do good.

You may be a blogger, a local brick & mortar shop, a pro athlete, a VC funded startup, a university, or even a restaurant. We often dabble in the space of education innovation, technology, health + wellness, lifestyle brands, and food. (Yummy!)

Here are a few of our recent collaborations:

Make. Do Good. - Steph and Graham

Hunt. Gather. Create.

We get to know you, your business, your competition, and your audience to thoroughly understand your project needs.
We collect key findings and insights that will immediately influence the formation of the design strategy and a well crafted story.
We design beautiful, memorable experiences for you and your audience – with detail, organization, and open communication.