FTC – 25th Year Anniversary

FTC - 25th Anniversary

FTC - 25th Anniversary

FTC - 25th Anniversary

FTC - 25th Anniversary


project details



Graham James
art director, designer

Kerry Williams

Brand + Identity Design

As the Art Director for FTC, I was responsible for coming up with a 25th Anniversary logo for FTC. Instead of creating a separate mark, my goal was to incorporate the “25” into the existing FTC logo that evoked a celebratory, classic feel. This mark had a lifeline of one year and was used in company collateral, apparel, and advertisements.

  • 40% – Concept Development
    25% – Branding
    25% – Collateral
    10% – Apparel + Product Application
  • 1) Creating a memorable mark
    2) Integrating the mark with the current FTC logo
    3) Designing a timeless look and feel that integrates with the overarching FTC brand
  • •  Final Logo
    •  Revised company collateral and business cards
    •  Various print and digital ads
    •  Apparel application

Client Background: FTC is a world renowned skate shop that opened its doors in 1986 in San Francisco. Since then the brand has expanded to Tokyo and Barcelona – serving as a home to many of today’s skate pros and enthusiasts near and far.